Rates & Availability

Lara Troy Rates

Local DC Area Rates

1 hour - 1000
2 hours - 1800
3 hours* - 2500
4 hours* - 3000

Each additional hour - 600
14 hour overnight** - 8k
*requires some sort of outing
**must include 8 hours of sleep, only available to repeat clientele.


Thanks for checking in about my availability! I can't wait to get together with you. Living in Alaska I am excited to be using Washington DC as my hub to see others. Anywhere outside of the DC area I would require a fly me to you, which will include airfare and basic travel expenses to be discussed. I do request at least 2 weeks in advance for new friends.

Please check the calendar to see when I’m available and use the form on the contact page to request an appointment.

Fly Me To You Rates

2 hours - 2400
3 hours* - 3200
4 hours* - 4000

Each additional hour - 1k
14 hour overnight** - 12k
*requires some sort of outing
**must include 8 hours of sleep