Frequently Asked Questions

Lara Troy FAQ v2

When a client has filled out my screening form I use an encrypted service to make sure the client is safe, not listed on black lists, assure the client is not misidentifying himself and is not affiliated with law enforcement. I have zero interest in your information for anything other than my own safety and it will always be handled with the utmost discretion..

Email Only. Please do not request that I call you or for you to call me. Not only have I found an inability to engage in a connection of the depth I enjoy at length anywhere but in person, I’m simply not capable of keeping up with messages in between our appointments both due to time and energy constraints. If I attempted to do this with the amount of inquiry received from my many clients and friends I would not only never be able to do anything else with my time, I also simply would suffer burn out. I deeply look forward to our connection when we spend time together, please understand and allow me to balance my life and energy in order to be at my best for you when we are together. You will have my full attention and energy then.

I do my best to share myself and keep those who care for me updated via my public social media as it serves this dual purpose in addition to marketing. If you do care to check in or send me notes occasionally they are likely to be received warmly by me but I do ask that you understand I may not have the time or energy available to devote to a response that it may rightfully deserve. I live an incredibly full, deeply passionate driven life balanced with many hobbies/joys as well as pursuing my goals and dreams coupled with all it takes to work towards them. This is one of the things I’m often greatly admired for but it also requires me to balance this energy in this way so that I am capable of sharing it with you fully when we are together.

Bookings are always to be paid for in cash. For deposits I do accept an alternative payment method online and you will be instructed privately how to send your donation.

Yes, I accept gifts via my Amazon wishlist, or if you have something specific in mind you can always bring it to our date.

Yes, I am well traveled and can just as happily be taken on an adventure by you as I would be to guide you on one. Please inquire in your booking request.

At this time I am available for outcall only.

Yes, I do provide up to 3 references for clients, provided you have booked me within the past 6 months. I do require the courtesy of informing me before you list me as a reference. I will only provide references to established, reputable and well known providers within our community for my own safety and yours.

I am more than happy to see one on one clients of any gender.

Most definitely, I absolutely adore the chance to spend time with friends.

I find while I enjoy the intimacy of one on one connection, adding a friend really creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. I do prefer to work with those I've already met, but I have a large range of those I play well with.

If you would like to see more of me and my personality I recommend checking out my Twitter: @LaraTroyAK I do not offer personalized pictures.

Selectively with established clients only. We must have at least one appointment before I would be open to pursuing any of these activities in person.