About Lara Troy

Lara Troy

Hello my potential new and long time friends!

I’m Lara Troy visiting you from my home in Alaska. I’m currently living my life to the fullest I know how, I have wonderful adventures back home but love getting to see and connect with more of the world.

I've found I was pleasantly surprised by the experience of a warm ocean, and have fallen in love with that. I love the availability of the arts, and culture found inside of cities. It's a wonderful treat.

I am a very open minded individual, so I'm pretty comfortable trying new things, but building an amorous environment and falling into it is definitely a passion of mine. I love to see a person, mind, body, and soul, and share those parts of myself as well. No connection feels better than that.

Connecting and feeling the joy with someone that comes from getting to make moments that last a life time with you. I love getting to know and getting lost in the unique bits of people. The little quirks, and the little moments where life is content and simultaneously satiating and entrancing. I couldn’t imagine anything more fulfilling.

Come live those moments with me. Come make them with me.

I’d love to see you.

Xoxo, Lara.

Lara Troy

Who I'd like to connect with:

Someone respectful, who treasures the time and experiences we share with one another. I love getting to know what makes people individual, but those are two traits that are universal. Everyone’s experience in life is a little different. People enjoy different things, and a different pace to life, and I enjoy getting to see you, and what that looks like for you. If we spend our time relaxing, cozy together, or energized and adventurous. I love to see what your highlight experience together looks like, and share in that treasured experience with you.

"I love getting to know and getting lost in the unique bits of people"

Lara Troy About Me

Some of my hobbies/interests:

I enjoy a myriad of activities ranging from things like Tabletop RPGS to jet boat camping adventures with friends. On the more nerdy side: I like Dungeons and dragons, pathfinder, I've played some Vampire the masquerade. I've tried a bit of Magic: The gathering but definitely feel pretty novice with that. On the arts: I enjoy a good movie but I absolutely love a live performance. Musicals, theatre. There's something about it that carries an air of magic and beauty to me in a way that while the show may be performed again it will never quite be that show. I've not seen a lot of music or comedic performances but am definitely curious to. I also very much enjoy the process and experience of a high tea.

On a physical side: I love snowboarding, and snowmobiling. I love getting out on the water, enjoy getting out into nature. Archery. I've done some pole fitness but am really curious about getting more into aerial silks.

"I love getting out on the water, enjoy getting out into nature"